How does the Liquid Skin work? 

Once applied, the liquid will harden and form a skin on your watch, absorbing daily scratches and scuffs. Although the skin is not self healing, like our protection kits, the scratches you pick up will be visible although they will not affect your watch. Over time, as the skin absorbs more scratches, it will start to peel at which point it will need a re-coat.

Is it similar to ceramic coating? 

Our product is a specially formulated resin that unlike ceramic will show scratches overtime although these will not affect the metal of the watch, giving it a more natural and original look. 

Is it safe to use on 18 karat gold watches?

Yes it is completely safe to use on all precious metal watches, including 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold, platinum aswell as stainless steel and titanium. It leaves no residue on the watch. It has been tried and tested!  

Can I use it on any brand of watch?

Yes Liquid Skin was designed to be universal to all watches and watch lovers that want to persevere their watches regardless of value, age or brand.  

Can it be applied all over the watch? 

Yes, it can be applied all of the watch, although you should take care not to apply over screws, underneath the crown, any watch case openings or anywhere where once the liquid skin has dried, could jam openings. We also recommend not applying over the glass. 

How long does it last? 

Depending on how often you wear your watch and how many scratches you pick up - one cycle of liquid skin can last up to 3 years. Worry not, you can always re-coat your watch. 

Will it affect the look of my watch? 

Our coating adds a slight gloss to the metal of the watch.

Can I take it into the water? 

Yes, the liquid skin is completely waterproof and resistant to everyday cleaning chemicals such as washing up liquids. 

What is the best way to apply it? 

Ensure your watch is thoroughly cleaned. Using the brush applicator, apply a thin layer of liquid skin onto the watch. Apply a further 2 layers with 30 minute intervals between each and leave to dry for 24 hours. We recommend applying it to each piece of the watch individually.   

Watch our application video here!  

I have noticed flakes on the watch, is this normal? 

Yes this totally normal, and this is a sign that your watch needs a re-coat from the amount of daily wear and scratches  it has had and picked up. At this point, give it a quick clean and wipe so that any weak coating falls off and reapply as you did the first time,   

How should I store it? 

Keep the lid tightly closed when not using to ensure the liquid does not dry. Store at 5-40˚C in a cool dry place away from any flames.



Why should I buy this kit?

Engineered from cutting edge nano technology, our film has self healing abilities, and we understand this to be an important aspect of our kits. Regardless of how careful you are, chances are you will get scratches on your watch. Should this occur, don’t worry – under room temperature they will disappear within 24 hours and it would be like they were never there in the first place.

Does it look like tape?

Absolutely not. Our protection kits are near invisible to the eye, even when you look close up. You will not be able to tell once the kit is applied, it is transparent and does not affect the shine of the watch.

Does it add any weight onto the watch?

No, thanks to our advanced material technology our kits are negligible in weight.   

How long does it last?

Our protection kits can last up to 5 years. 

Does the application fluid react the metal?

The application fluid is safe to use on both precious metal and stainless steel watches. It also leaves no residue when removed.

Is it water resistant?

Yes, they are water resistant and contact with water will not effect the film. Our kits are also UV resistant, which enables them to maintain their aesthetical properties despite exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, they are also resistant to chemicals allowing you to use your watches they way you want, without the need to worry about scratching them.

Are The Watch Protection kits hard to apply?

Not at all, we have put together a complete package for you to apply in the comfort of your own home. Each kit comes with a detailed instructions leaflet. The whole process should take about 30 minutes or less. 

Are you going to cover more watches models in the future?

Yes, most definitely. We are all about precision and getting it right, if we haven’t already got the model you want, please get in contact with us.