How do you protect your watch from life's everyday scratches and scuffs?

Simple! With our innovative protective liquid skin and watch protection kits, you can now have an invisible and seamless coat applied to your watch and keep it looking like the minute you first set eyes on it. With luxury timepiece brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet creating worldwide waiting lists and prices in the pre owned market doubling and trebling, buyers are more invested in their watches knowing how difficult they are to purchase.

Furthermore, a lot of watches are fast becoming investment pieces and to keep the investment peaking it is important to maintain and carefully look after your watch.

Our watch protection liquid skin and kits save you from having to spend hundreds on polishing your watch, which could affect the overall value – as over polished watches lose value. 

So, let us allow you to enjoy your watch more freely knowing you can be safe from everyday signs of wear.

We hope you wear your timepiece in good health, 

The Watch Protect Company