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Rolex GMT Master II 116710/126711 Watch Protection Kit


Created for the entire 116710/126711 Rolex GMT Master II range, this watch protection kit can be applied to watches, ranging from precious metal gold pieces to stainless steel.

The Watch Protection Kit fits the following:

Ref: 116710LN

Ref: 116710BLNR

Ref: 116713LN

Ref: 116719BLRO

Ref: 126710BLNR

Ref: 126710BLRO

Ref: 126711CHNR

Ref: 126715CHNR

Ref: 126719BLRO

Ref: 126720VTNR 

Designed to be as discreet as possible, our watch protection kits ensure you can maintain the shiny new look and feel of your watch while you wear it on a daily basis, not having to worry about getting it scratched.

This kit covers the following areas:

- Watch Case and Lugs

- Bracelet

- Clasp

    All areas of the watch have been precisely cut to ensure a seamless and invisible finish.

    We provide 3 different tier packages to protect your watch:


    Tier 1 is our Full Set protection - protecting the full clasp, side casing, lugs, bezel* and bracelet of your watch.


    Tier 2 is our Half Set protection - protecting the full clasp, side casing, lugs, end links* and bezel* of your watch.


    Tier 3 is our Clasp Only protection - protecting the full clasp of your watch.

    *Where stated on the product description

    Watch not included 



    1. Prepare your watch using our specially formulated TWPC dual action foam cleanser which safely lifts and cleans dirt and grime from your watch, while restoring its shine.  

    2. Ensure the watch has thoroughly dried and remove dust with the TWPC microfibre cloth.

    3. Pour the TWPC Solution into a bowl.

    4. Using the TWPC tweezers, carefully remove a stencil from its corner on the film backing.

    5. Whilst holding the stencil with the tweezers, fully immerse it into the solution. 

    6. Carefully place the stencil so that it is perfectly aligned with the corresponding area of your watch.

    7. Using the microfibre cloth, gently apply pressure with your finger to activate adhesion. We recommend to start in the middle and apply pressure outwards to avoid air bubbles. Then, gently wipe away any excess solution.

    8. Leave the watch to dry for 24 hours, over which period any excess residue will evaporate.

    *The TWPC Brush is only provided in Tier 1 & 2 – Watch Protection Kits

    Even though applying a watch protection kit might seem straightforward, we understand that issues can arise. Whether you're dealing with air bubbles, misalignment, or difficulty adhering the protector smoothly, we've got you covered. Our expert tips and techniques will help you overcome these common challenges and achieve a flawless application.


    Why should I buy this kit?

    Engineered from cutting edge nano technology, our film has self healing abilities, and we understand this to be an important aspect of our kits. Regardless of how careful you are, chances are you will get scratches on your watch. Should this occur, don’t worry – under room temperature they will disappear within 24 hours and it would be like they were never there in the first place.

    Does it look like tape?

    Absolutely not. Our protection kits are near invisible to the eye, even when you look close up. You will not be able to tell once the kit is applied, it is transparent and does not affect the shine of the watch.

    Does it add any weight onto the watch?

    No, thanks to our advanced material technology our kits are negligible in weight.   

    How long does it last?

    Our protection kits can last up to 5 years. 

    Does the application fluid react the metal?

    The application fluid is safe to use on both precious metal and stainless steel watches. It also leaves no residue when removed.

    Is it water resistant?

    Yes, they are water resistant and contact with water will not effect the film. Our kits are also UV resistant, which enables them to maintain their aesthetical properties despite exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, they are also resistant to chemicals allowing you to use your watches they way you want, without the need to worry about scratching them.

    Are The Watch Protection kits hard to apply?

    Not at all, we have put together a complete package for you to apply in the comfort of your own home. Each kit comes with a detailed instructions leaflet. The whole process should take about 30 minutes or less. 

    Are you going to cover more watches models in the future?

    Yes, most definitely. We are all about precision and getting it right, if we haven’t already got the model you want, please get in contact with us.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Harry HP
    Great Product!

    Great product! Would always recommend

    Excellent products

    Excellent products, friendly team, quick shipping, I highly recommend the watch protect company!!

    Tom Craig
    Applied to new Rolex Root Beer

    Applied to new Rolex Root Beer. To my eyes it really does look invisible and doesn’t effect look at all but requires patience and good lighting when applying. Of course it feels different to the touch but to me a small price worth paying. Having watched the instruction videos I would advise on not going mad trying to squeeze out tiny bubbles as they vanish within 24hrs. The polished centre on the clasp would have been a total scratch magnet but this will provide great protection.

    Best watch accessory

    I was apprehensive at first but after installing the product I went and purchased more for my other watches. It is literally invisible to the eye and is exactly what everyone needs to protect their watch from micro scratches. I had installed one of the pieces incorrectly ( my fault rushing) and the customer service team were very helpful and kind to send me a replacement piece. It’s a cheap price to pay for your peace of mind.

    Jay Lau
    Great Product

    Great product and even greater customer service. When you're spending serious money on a watch knowing you've covered it from scratches is worth every penny. Completely invisible to the eye you can wear your watch confident you won't be knocking thousands off the value with scratches and scuffs. I had a bit of an issue which the customer service team went above and beyond to fix for me. Good to see great customer first service still exists out there.

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