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1. Prepare your watch using our specially formulated TWPC dual action foam cleanser which safely lifts and cleans dirt and grime from your watch, while restoring its shine.  

2. Ensure the watch has thoroughly dried and remove dust with the TWPC microfibre cloth.

3. Pour the TWPC Solution into a bowl.

4. Using the TWPC tweezers, carefully remove a stencil from its corner on the film backing.

5. Whilst holding the stencil with the tweezers, fully immerse it into the solution. 

6. Carefully place the stencil so that it is perfectly aligned with the corresponding area of your watch.

7. Using the microfibre cloth, gently apply pressure with your finger to activate adhesion. We recommend to start in the middle and apply pressure outwards to avoid air bubbles. Then, gently wipe away any excess solution.

8. Leave the watch to dry for 24 hours, over which period any excess residue will evaporate.

9. Firmly press down each of the film pieces applied before the initial wear to ensure they are fully stuck down to the watch and there is no micro lifting or bubbles. 

Even though applying a watch protection kit might seem straightforward, we understand that issues can arise. Whether you're dealing with air bubbles, misalignment, or difficulty adhering the protector smoothly, we've got you covered. Our expert tips and techniques will help you overcome these common challenges and achieve a flawless application.